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Bandit is the mean threat to Rsquad. He builds massive robots and fortresses to conquor the R squad. He even Destroyed it once! His minions are shy guys and they are in plenty of different forms. He still remains attacking but he isnt the only one.

Shy minionsEdit

The shy minions are Bandits mions there are many forms with each there own power. Bounty Guy explores the jungle and vast ruins for treasure and power ups. He has his map and radar to tell where stuff is. Tech Guy is filled with technology. He is smart with computers and steals computer parts for Bandits projects. He is and Elite Shy and very powerful. Bowser Guy Has all the powers of bowser and more. he could jump higher and run faster. He can also roll up into a ball and roll around fast. He is also an Elite Shy. Fly Guys Fly around as a survailence and drop bombs.