Mini Agents

Mini Agent Toys

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Gadgets are important to agents. The need them in order to sucessfully complete a mission. There are a range of gadgets for Mini agent toys to Grappling Hooks. Mini toys are useful as well. They can cut ropes, tighten loose bolts, and even go to areas too small for agents.

They can also decode messages, activate other robots gather information, climb magnetic walls and much, much more. All Elite agents have one. Agent glasses are another gadget. They can decode messages and collect info about the missions. All types of agents have a grappling hook. They can cling onto any edge and transport a agent quickly.Agent T here and I am a Elite Agent but he just didnt have anough room to make me.Sorry Agent4565 for buting in on your writeing.

Spy PhoneEdit

The spy phone is the most important gadget for agents. It Loads mission data, teleports agents gets them gear and tell them messages. All agents have these and its a Agent must-have!