Agent Raf

Agent Leader

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Agent Leader, He created this site and is also leader of R Squad. He tells Missions and joins the agents on missions too. He makes some spy Gagets and vehicles. The leader is also Agent 4564.


Agent E is and Elite agent. He is fast and equipped with gadgets. He owns a seperate department called Eracers. He makes plenty of vehicles and robots. He makes mini agents toys that are very useful! Agent R is an Elite Agent. He owns R party in the R squad. By playing R party you can level up. R party is fun and challenging for agents. Agent T is a Elite Agent. He has weapons and gear that other agents don't. He protects the base and system. Agent RP is a Computer Op. He programs different systems and makes electronic gear. He can build alot and is a pro engineer.Hi this is Agent T as the leader said im a Elite Agent well if you want to be an Agent like me sign up as a Agent.Till then Bye!!!!!!!!!!