On a mission

Leader and Elite Agent

There are Plenty of different ranks for agents here are all of them. Rookie Agent: You are a begeiner of R squad. You are in traning before you start any missions. You are equipped with a spy phone and grapple hook. Agent: You are offically an agent. You can do missions and have obtained a Mini Agent Toy. Elite Agent: You have the Super Agent Phone and have upgraded gadgets. Pro Agent: You are a master agent and have unlocked the super mission.To be a Pro You must complete the Speacial agent Homework once you do so. There is another bonus mission after telling about your rank and your Big Mission and if you complete that you will be a Master Agent and Unlock the following rank. Leader: Once you beat the Big Mission You will be a leader along with me the Agent Leader. You have many more priviliges and have unlocked the Leader HQ. So far our only Pro agent is Agent R congratulations! Here is agent
Agent R

Agent R Pro Agent